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Jan. 24th, 2009


my gaming ustream

Dec. 9th, 2008

Resident Evil

It seems the folks at Capcom have finally decided it would be better to make a 3D animated resident evil movie entitled Resident Evil: Degeneration. After seeing Resident Evil: Extinction my expectations were low, but having watched the movie I can honestly say it surpasses all the live action movies (and I say that being a Milla Jovovich fanboy). It has everyone's favorites: Hunnigan, Leon and Claire. The animation was absolutely superb, there were a couple points I would swear they took a real film shoot. Plus it had that great ending leading up to another possible one of these movies. I loved it and give it a 10/10. I hope Capcom decides to make more of these films.

Oct. 14th, 2008

Creepshow 2

of course the license plate is maine, it's a stephen king movie
same comic book feel as the first
stephen king is in this one too
chief wood'nhead is badass
fucking potheads
jesus i didnt wanna see that guy's bulge
creepy floating pile of crap
bad acting for the stoners
threatening to hit a woman is very undude
lol that sign is so on strings
fucking rich bitch with her mercedes
well this movie was okay for an eighties horror flick, first segment kicked ass the rest wre shit. 4/10

Oct. 13th, 2008


KICKASS! I George A Romero Film! I'm excited now
oh snap stephen king is in this
nice comic book into like tales from the crypt
George A Romero Directts
Screenplay by Stephen King
this might actually be a pretty cool movie
nice comic book style
nice death
oh snap! literally! bitch got her neck snapped!
rofl the zombie took her head put icing and candles on it!
gotta love the cheesyness
lol dude is turning into an ent
its like tales fron the crypt with a bunch of little stories
woo leslie nielson!
how'd the sand get out of his ears?
lol he just shot the bitch in the head and everyone claps but it was just a dream
thats one angry monkey
lol red paint for blood
that old bastard got what was comin to him
Overall I liked the movie. A nice early 80s horror movie. 6/10

Dance of the Dead

the hedge clippers are always just out of reach
nice garage band type action for the hawaiian hula prom
stereotypical fake high school students
these teachers are assholes
the prom photos seem pretty realistic
awesome a skeleton head
lol im actually really enjoying this movie
zombie frogs yeah!
now THIS movie should have been called Zombies, Zombies, Zombies
predictable plot
at least the director knows how to count bullets
so you put a bat through a zombie's gut and it comes out without any blood on it what-so-ever?
lol a running pair of legs!
of course the girl trips, then again she istrying to run in heels and a prom dress
yes! Impaled by a high heel!
I wish my prom night was this fun
lol "tell her I say hi"
Im liking this bad-ass rebel character
aw shit!
of course the rebel dies
right send the cheer leader
of course the redneck gym teacher has a bunch of guns! why didnt I see it coming!
this one geek is an asshole
aw yeah military grade hummer
at least the gym teacher does double taps like the special forces
now the asshole geek is trying to be badass
what was the point of her taking off her earrings
im loving the tiny fountains of blood
lol this one dude is like the headless horseman holding his head out so he can see
clearly animatronic
lol zombie make-out session
lol coach wants to go to the pancake house
great ending song Shadows of the night
Overall I thought it was a cool movie, not the scariest zombie movie I've ever seen but overall a pretty cool flick. 7/10

Oct. 12th, 2008

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!

nice little  b-movie at the start
    Romero Ice skating rink- nice little tribute to George A Romero
    hilarious b movie effects
    of course black guy first to get bit not even 3 minutes in
    lol ice skating chick whips a machete out
    plenty of cheesy b-movie one-liners
cool opening credits
fuckin stoner!
lol booty buggy
fucking stoner's slutty girlfriends
it turns out to be a b-movie bumping the aforementioned b movie down to a c+
genuine bad acting from the strippers
trademark b-movie shotty editing
apparently 90% of strippers have kids
I can imaging the casting for this: sexy bimbos, some bitches, stereotypical black men, pierced lesbian and old guy who looks fitting in a lab coat
this pimp is a fucknut and an asshole
goofy ass DJ
finally after 30 minutes (nearly half the movie) the first actual zombie appears
rofl at the group "Holy Shit!"
armless lesbian hooker zombie lol
the acting just gets worse and worse
fat black guy is the best character
lol poorly made digital blood spurt! I love it
lol it looks like they used red food coloring in water as some blood
haha now they used pasta sauce
horrible story
lol this one guy does such a horrible stumble
no cop is this lousy, you're supposed to be firm numbnut
    Girl: "I'm a bitch let's face it."
    Guy:  "Yeah, but you're a hot bitch."
This must have been made with a store-bought hand-held camera because the TVs all have the weird line stuff on them
so three channels means there isn't a problem
nice eyeball pull
he may be an asshole but the pimp is funny as hell
apparently this stripper thinks she's a crackshot with the revolver
these girls are bad actresses except when it comes to stripping hmmmmm
honestly I've seen pornos with better acting
surprise surprise she has a tramp stamp
somehow this bitch stole the gun from the pimp
these special effects are hilariously bad
there goes the third black guy
aw yeah the fat black guy kicked some ass
LMAO snakes on a plane reference by the pimp "I'm tired of these mother fuckin' zombies in this motherfuckin' strip club!"
lol her fucking heels light up
apparently the strip club walls ar fucking thin as a bitch with Styrofoam insulation
lol the pimp pimpslaps the fuck out of zombies
aw shit she's got some tig ol' bitties
lol a zombie bit the same spot on his arm twice
apparently his bites disappear like magic
this chick has been watching the matrix too much
ending is boring
for a movie called Zombies, Zombies, Zombies you'd think there would be more than like 2 dozen zombies. Overall a 4/10, it got points for being hilariously bad.

Oct. 11th, 2008

Movies Watched

I will update as I watch the movies from my halloween movie playlist.

1. Nightmare Before Christmas
2. Slither
3. Jeepers Creepers
4. Jeepers Creepers 2
5. Hocus Pocus
6. Poltergeist
7. The Devil's Rejects
8. Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!
9. Dance of the Dead
10. Creepshow
11. Creepshow 2
12. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3
13. Creepshow 3
14. Resident Evil
15. Resident Evil: Apocalypse
16. Resident Evil: Extinction
17. Silent Hill
18. Pumpkinhead
19. Pumpkinhead 4
20. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
21. The Wizard of Gore
22. Midnight Meat Train
23. Night of the Living Dead (1968)
24. Return of the Living Dead
25. Return of the Living Dead 2
26. Return of the Living Dead 3
27. Return of the Living Dead 4 - Necropolis
28. Return of the Living Dead 5 - Rave to the Grave
29. Diary of the Dead
30. Hellraiser

Oct. 2nd, 2008

Games for Crazy People

Twisted Metal: Black
The Suffering
Indigo Prophecy
Silent Hill

Sep. 25th, 2008

Halloween playlist

Pumpkinhead, Pumpkinhead 4, The Omen (1976), The Omen (2006), Damien: The Omen 2, The Final Conflict: The Omen 3, The Omen 4: The Awakening, Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction, Halloween (2007), Dawn of the Dead (2004), Day of the Dead (1985), Day of the Dead (2008), Diary of the Dead, Saw, Saw 2, Saw 3, Saw 4, Final Destination, Final Destination 2, Final Destination 3, Silent Hill, Return of the Living Dead, Return of the Living Dead 2, Return of the Living Dead 3, Return of the Living Dead 4 - Necropolis, Return of the Living Dead 5 - Rave to the Grave, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Wizard of Gore, Midnight Meat Train, Night of the Living Dead (1968), Hellraiser, Hellraiser 2: Hellbound, Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth, Hellraiser 4: Bloodline, Hellraiser 5: Inferno, Hellraiser 6: Hellseeker, Hellraiser 7: Deader, Hellraiser 8: Hellworld, Brotherhood of Blood, Gothic Vampires from Hell, Dark Floors, Slither, Jeepers Creepers, Jeepers Creepers 2, Poltergeist, Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Creepshow, Creepshow 2, Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!, Dance of the Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3

Others possible some may not be watched depending on how my computer feels about my burned discs.

Movies for crazy people

Barton Fink
Halloween (2007)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Dead Space: Downfall
The Ring
The Alphabet Killer
Max Payne

Sep. 15th, 2008


In accordance with many blog fads I shall now be trying to sync this with twitter. Also I am almost finished reading Lord of Chaos and shall be moving on to A Crown of Swords shortly. For those of you who haven't read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan I suggest you do if you are at all a fan of fantasy.

Tales and pictures

I think I am to become a movie guru. I watch them far too much not to be. I want to do something like this for as long as I can. I need to pick up a copy of A Year at the Movies: One Man's Filmgoing Odyssey by Kevin Murphy. I will also need to download a bunch of other movies that I've not seen before. I'll need more DVD-RWs.

Sep. 9th, 2008

Twitter Fit

So I made a Twitter account. I'm having a good time seeing the updates of people. I'm sure I'll slow down on my updates eventually but for now let the good times roll. My name on there is Pyrexis.

Aug. 30th, 2008

Losing Control

Well I just finished yelling at my sister for the second time this week. I feel like soon I'm going to lose control over my anger. I need to get out of here as soon as I can. As far away as I can get from my sister. Please anyone willing to house me let me know. I don't want to end up doing something I'll regret.

Writer's Block: Saving Money

What are some ways to save money on gas?
My number one gas saving technique: not having a drivver's license. You'd be amazed at how much money it saves!

Aug. 27th, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

So I recently got a hold of a copy of MLB 08 The Show. At first I found it frustrating. After taking some advice from my friend Justin, however, I adjusted the sliders and now am having great fun with it. I'm playing as the Yankees, yes the Yankees. Mainly because they have players I've heard of, but also because they are easy to play for a beginner like me. Anyways I'm at bat now so I'll post more soon.

Aug. 17th, 2008

Butter scraped over too much bread

As bilbo baggins said I need a holiday, and I don't think I should return. I need out. My house feels like a prison to me. I need a change of scenery and overall lifestyle. I want to start fresh in japan. I need to get away from my sister before I explode or have an ulcer. So as of now I'm saving money so I can get a one-way ticket to japan. Perhaps find an apartment, maybe a roommate and a job. Maybe there I will find answers to my questions about my life.

Aug. 12th, 2008

Reasons for a mental collapse

Recently I feel that I have let my family down. My lack of any kind of action is making me even more of a leech than my sister's lousy boyfriend. I wish there was something we could do about it but I just don't see any way out of it. Even my friends trying to cheer me up doesn't last more than a few minutes. I really wish I knew what my purpose was. I don't like to sit here and feed off of my family like a parasite. They deserve better than that. I'd kill myself if I weren't so considerate of what would happen to them. I've known for a long time that I have a good mind, but that doesn't really mean a god damn thing if it's not being put to good use. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm just so lost in my own pit of self-destruction. My head feels like it's going to explode and my heart feels like it will collapse on itself.

Aug. 10th, 2008

Writer's Block: Invisibility On

What would you do if you were invisible for 24 hours?
I would do the evil stuff, rob a bank, stay in a women's locker room, run around naked.

Aug. 7th, 2008

I think I'm turning japanese

So I think that I'm going to move to japan once I get money. I really want to go. I love the Japanese culture so much. I think Miah had a good thought when she said I should teach English there. Which means I need money for college so i can get a degree so i can teach. Perhaps I could just be a Japanese college student. We'll just have to0 wait and see what the future holds.

Aug. 2nd, 2008

On the Move

So I helped my friend Richard move into his new house yesterday. Lot of hard work and I sweat(ed?) a lot. Now I'm really sore. I thought I was tired but apparently this isn't enough to get me to go to bed early. Damn insomnia to hell.. As an added bonus I'm continuing to help him for as many days as it takes to move all of his family's crap. My back is trying to run away, I wish I could. I owe it to him though. Plus as many of you know I am unwaveringly loyal to my friends. Sometimes I wish I weren't.

Aug. 1st, 2008

Anime frenzy

lately I've been watching a bunch of anime. I just finished watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star. Going to watch FLCL then Nana sometime soon. Any anime reccomendations would e cool.

Jul. 30th, 2008

Side-effects may include depression, lethargy and anal leakage.

So as you all know by now I am highly unmotivated. Last night while trying to fall asleep I kept thinking about why I'm that way. I figure it's due to my low self-confidence. I don't try because I feel that I will fail. Since I have failed in the past it seems like a futile effort to me. In my heart I know that just because of one bad experience I shouldn't let the deter me, but somehow it does. Why bother is a question that always floats in the back of my mind. I guess I need therapy from someone OTHER than myself. Unfortunately our insurance charges a 40 dollar copay for specialists. Mother fucking insurance. So I guess it's going to be a long time before my mental state is well. Damn the luck.

Jul. 28th, 2008

Writer's Block: Feeling Better

What makes you feel better when you're mad?
Killing virtual people in video games. Video games keep me from doing it in real life. Fuck you jack thompson!

Jul. 27th, 2008

Sometimes I scare myself

Occasionally I will have a dream that scares even me. Nothing like a monster or anything. No my dreams that scare me are the ones that show a dark side of myself. In these dreams I am very violent and vicious without provocation. Just earlier today I had one where I just started punching people relentlessly. At one point I was actually beating the shit out of my sister. Now I don't really get along with my sister but I would never beat the shit out of her. This makes me fear the anger I have suppressed deep down. It is the main reason why I can be such an asshole sometimes. I don;t Know where else I can displace my rage. Perhaps I need anger management before I do something I'll regret. I truly don't want that to happen.

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